A Good Night


I know my way home.
I’ve put one heavy foot in front of the other
and traced the same beaten path to my front door countless times.
Yet here I am, standing before you,
suddenly unsure how I’ll make it back in one piece.

I know the night is over.
We were wrong to think otherwise.
But you’re wearing a smile that makes me think of fireworks in July,
and who the fuck walks away from fireworks?

I have things to do in the morning.
I don’t have enough hours to sleep.
But your skin smells of all the love and yearning we both stifle each day,
so why can’t we just lay together tonight?

No, not tonight.
I will stand on my toes,
and expect a kiss on the mouth.
You will wrap me up in your arms,
and plant your lips on my forehead.

I will close the door behind me
and collapse in a heap of bliss and flushed cheeks,
and as I fall asleep to you bidding me good night,
I will fall in love with you,
and hopefully, you will too with me.


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